Cultivating Gratitude

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Hello Wake-Upers! Today I would like to speak about Gratitude. There is a website, which helps people who are lacking confidence in themselves. Through a personality test they manage to bring to the surface people's strengths so they can start living more fully. I love the definition this website gives about Gratitude: ...

What is “Gratitude”?

According to, Gratitude “Involves feeling and expressing a deep sense of thankfulness in life and more specifically, taking the time to genuinely express thankfulness to others. This thankfulness can be for specific gifts or thoughtful acts. It could also more generally reflect recognition of what that person contributes to your life. We can be grateful for deliberate acts by others, such as a piece of art from a child, or for spontaneous treasures, such as a cool breeze on your face on a hot day. What marks gratitude is the psychological response: the transcendent feeling of thankfulness, the sense of having been given a gift by that person or event. Grateful people experience a variety of positive emotions, and those emotions inspire them to act in more virtuous ways – humbler, more persistent, or kinder. Gratitude tends to foster the aptitude of kindness and love, and therefore is closely associated with empathy and with connection to others.”

Via Character goes even further by listing two types of gratitude. De not hesitate to check the link to learn more about Gratitude.

Why did I want to start this column by talking about #Gratitude? I feel that it is the first feeling we should have when we start our day: Being grateful to be alive for another day, being grateful about what life brings positively to us. Of course, life is not a bed of roses. It is unpredictable events, emotions, feelings, that occurs. These can be positives or negatives. We live these experiences to go beyond our limits and we should be grateful for this because it is all about becoming a better version of ourselves.


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