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What people say

You wanna know more about myself, what I do and how I do it? Easy! Read what people say after working with me. And if you have any questions, shoot! I'm here to help.



I just had the most powerful Numerology reading with Marie MenahaEverything is so clear to me now! My biggest take away is: I AM A TEACHER.

I have been trying to create "I help" statement for my business since I begun 3,5 years ago, and it never felt quite right. Even recently I have posted it on Facebook. But I do not help- I teach people to remove shame and guilt around sexuality, so that they create more love, pleasure and juicy connections with or without a partner! This is as simple as that! I am a teacher, y'all! I highly recommend to use this opportunity to get the insights into your numbers with Marie


Marie is a Gem! That shapes & re-shapes itself all on its own! Being in your close circle is pure delight ! You bring the best out of people! Curiosity, passion, empathy, challenging yourself, self-discovery… I am so glad our paths have crossed!

À bientôt. 

Maryse, étudiante

As a student, I had to look for a 2 month internship abroad in an export company. I quickly realised that obtaining this type of internship wasn't going to be an easy task. Time was passing by, so I decided to get help and that's when I contacted Marie. She helped me to introduce myself in a more professional way and to be more specific with what I was looking for. She pointed out the most important qualities in terms of communication and helped me re-shape my resume so it looked more attractive. Thanks to Marie, I found an amazing internship in India, in the field that interested me the most. I was so excited to discover a new culture, a new lifestyle as well as new people... I am so grateful to Marie for allowing me to live this incredible experience - both professionally and personally, thank you.

Sarah, chef d'entreprise

Marie is a visionary and a great leader. She will instantly spot people's strengths and point them into the direction of their most fulfilling paths, both professionally and personally. According to Marie, people don't have any weaknesses, just talents that are less developed than others, all depending on our life's experiences and baggage. Thanks to her bounty & genuine attitude in the workplace, Marie creates an atmosphere of trust & friendship. Everybody is naturally drawn to her and work related matters simply become pleasant conversations between two human beings who listen and respect each other. She manages her team members in such a way that they always end up being a beautiful group of people who help and lift each others up. I hope to see one day her methods applied in every company. Work will then no longer be "no pain - no gain", but a way of evolving personally on a daily basis.

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